The most interesting metaverse projects

In 2022 terms such as crypto, NFT, and metaverse projects entered the common language, offering new opportunities and totally different ways of thinking about everyday life. The idea of applying blockchain technology to the metaverse has captured the attention of visionaries, despite both being in their primitive stage. These are the most exciting projects that try to combine the two technologies.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox was launched in 2011 as a mobile application, and then it was developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Today, it is a virtual world where players can build their own and monetise their gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain.

The main goal of this platform is to disrupt existing game makers like Minecraft and Roblox by providing creators with actual ownership in the form of non-fungible tokens, rewarding them for their participation in the ecosystem. According to, The Sandbox is the second-highest among metaverse projects in terms of its market cap, representing 35% of the sector.

The thing that makes this project unique is that The Sandbox has its own platform to create games inside the metaverse. This provides a better experience for users who generate their own content through blockchain and smart contracts. Also, the Sandbox has its own tool called VoxEdit, where anyone can start creating assets reasonably quickly. Users can literally upload, publish and sell their NFT creations.

Once creations are finished, assets can be sold by making an initial sale offer on the marketplace where potential buyers can then purchase them. The Sandbox will soon be opening an exclusive experience with Main Hub: this will be a meeting place where people will be able to interact with each other freely and virtually.

Right now, Sandbox has more than 50 companies backing it, between investors and partners that support the project and the initiative because of their vision for the future, where metaverse projects will thrive and compete for a market share.

Sand is the native token of The Sandbox and serves as the basis for all transactions. This allows users to access the platform, play games, stake, and earn rewards, among other things.


Decentraland is a 3D universe where users have the ability to create not only content but also lands, host events and other social activities. Decentraland’s economic system is made possible thanks to the application of blockchain technology, which establishes the ownership and rarity of digital assets.

At the moment, it has in common with other metaverse projects only the 3D interface, the digital economy, the social elements and the games that can be experienced within it. It is not difficult to imagine the advent of VR and AR technologies in this platform, which is the most famous for the purchase of the real estate in the digital blockchain sector.


Enjin is a blockchain platform utilised for creating NFTs used as in-game items. While non-fungible tokens have become an integral part of the metaverse projects, Enjin has proposed a much safer way for creators.

If someone develops a collection of NFTs, but it fails, they have the chance to destroy it and earn ENJ coins. This means that NFTs, if created on this platform, will always have a value, and this value will never reach zero. Enjin aims to be an exciting opportunity for the metaverse in this sense.


Bloktopia is one of the most interesting metaverse projects: a VR game that takes place in a 21-story skyscraper. It wants to become a hub for socialising and working purposes, where for example it is possible to organise events, meetings or parties. The project uses the Polygon blockchain to make real the main objectives of the platform: learning, earning, playing and creating.

Bloktopia, in fact, guarantees a more accessible and interactive way to learn everything about the blockchain and crypto world and how this is helping the development of the metaverse. Furthermore, it is possible to earn BLOK (the platform’s native currency), do business in the real estate sector and work in the advertising world. In this case, too, users have the ability to create games and content that any other person can use within the platform. Finally, Blocktopia has a series of tools helpful in creating entire environments and digital spaces.

Meta City by Engine

Meta City is a metaverse-inspired version of Minecraft, and it is the world’s first free-to-earn NFT real estate. Nowadays, it only has 70 NFT plots available where owners can develop different kinds of businesses. However, there will be new worlds with more land opening very soon.

Inside Meta City, there are NFT drops that can be earned, resold, or, if the choice is to cherish them forever, the platform also offers players a cross gameplay-kind of a mechanic. This means that players can exchange NFT between two metaverse projects, in this case, Meta City and Minecraft.

Another exciting aspect of the game is its creator economy. Basically, people create value and earn a living by doing what they love. For example, inside Meta City, anyone will be able to create characters as NFTs and create NFT art exhibitions.


Ultra is a first of its kind. It is a feeless blockchain ecosystem powering an entertainment platform that provides various games industries and blockchain-enabled services under a single roof. Ultra’s network is expected to scale well beyond 12,000 transactions per second, thus breaking a record in metaverse projects.

Ultra will provide access to countless centralised and decentralised services, such as discovering, buying, playing, and selling games created by the users and in-game items, watching live streaming feeds, interacting with influencers, participating in contests, competing in tournaments.


Metaverse projects in another metaverse project? Yes, it’s possible! Chiliz has purchased 576 lands in The Sandbox in order to build a sports and entertainment neighbourhood in the metaverse platform for the fans of partner clubs (such as FC Barcelona, Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain). Chiliz allows sporting organisations to engage with and monetise their global fan bases through fan tokens.


Sorare is a football NFT game built on the Ethereum blockchain, one of the first football metaverse projects to be launched. More than 180 football clubs are officially licensed on the Sorare platform, where more clubs are joining every week.

Players can use the cards they have bought to create a fantasy team, and each card represents a real player. Based on the player’s performance on real pitches, cardholders will earn points, and every week the team with the most points will make new cards as a reward.

Sorare also announced a 680 million US dollars series B investment. This shows the high level of confidence that the creators have in metaverse projects like this. Indeed, Lionel Messi NFT was purchased for a price of 7.9 Ether, and Ubisoft is also involved in the Sorare initiatives.

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