Diversity and inclusion: why they matter to us

In recent years, diversity and inclusion in the workplace have become top priorities for many organisations. As soon as our team started to grow, we took this matter into deep consideration as a critical element to building our team.

We’re proud to be among the signees of the Diversity Charter and honoured to have received the “Diverse Workplace Label” from the Estonian Human Rights Centre in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Diversity and inclusion matter to us

By creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, we are sure that we can reap the benefits of greater creativity and innovation, higher employee morale and engagement, and overall improved financial performance.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace mean creating an environment where everyone is respected, valued, and has equal opportunities to succeed. It involves creating policies promoting inclusion and bridging the gap between individuals from different backgrounds and experiences.

As a company, crafting inclusive experiences for employees is truly the next step of Inclusion and Diversity programmes that aim to build a real sense of belonging for the employees. This means we tailor onboarding, recognition, career development and performance management processes to reflect each employee’s unique skills, capabilities and values. Doing so can foster a more positive, productive and inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and motivated to contribute to the organisation’s success.

Why is an inclusive experience necessary?

An inclusive experience is necessary because everyone should be able to participate and engage in a meaningful way. Creating an environment where all individuals feel respected, valued, and appreciated is essential for developing a solid organisational culture and a successful business. Inclusive experiences allow individuals to collaborate, share ideas, and develop innovative solutions. They also create an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, leading to better employee engagement and satisfaction.

A report from Deloitte highlights the importance of ensuring that managers and executives are aware of their role in fostering inclusion. For us, it’s only by promoting diversity and inclusion that we can bridge the gap between the proportion of diverse employees who feel included and those who do not and create a pleasant workplace for each of us. To achieve this, we’re aware that we must make an intentional design where moments of truth are recognised and addressed, thereby creating a sense of belonging for all employees.

Which are the benefits of caring about diversity and inclusion?

Our attention to diversity and inclusion will allow us to reach several medium/long-term goals.

Increased innovation and creativity

We know that diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences can lead to increased creativity and innovation in problem-solving and decision-making.

Improved performance

Companies with a diverse and inclusive workforce perform better financially than those who don’t pay attention to those topics. We want to be part of the first group.

Greater access to talent

Each company’s success is made up of its team at first. By embracing diversity and inclusion, we help ourselves access a larger pool of talent in terms of skills and experience.

Improved employee retention and engagement

From the beginning, we have experienced that employees who feel included, respected, and valued are more likely to stay with the company, reducing turnover and recruitment costs.

What’s next for us?

We worked hard to pay attention to diversity and inclusion, which are now part of our business culture. But we know we can still do a lot in this sense.

Ours isn’t an actual effort. We believe in what we do, and the attention to having a diverse workforce in which everyone can feel included comes naturally to us. It’s like a lighthouse that guides us in our daily choices, and we’ll adapt ourselves to an always-changing environment.

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